My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career.

Schooling for Now & For Tomorrow

In 2016, while I was living in Istanbul, I responded to the refugee crisis by starting my own charity as I raised funds to support financially Syrian children to go to schools. My work expanded to volunteer as an interpreter between NGOs or benefactors and Syrian schools or families. It was there where I put in practice my skills as an interpreter between English and Arabic language and vice versa.

During the project, which lasted from January 2016 to May 2017, I was responsible for the followings:

  • Raised funds
  • Supported Syrian kids financially and psychologically to go back to schools in Istanbul
  • Volunteered as a mediator and interpreter between benefactors/ organizations and Syrian schools and families in need of support.

The project came to an end after the Turkish goverment shut down Syrian schools as it opened its local schools to Syrian children, yet their attendance wasn´t compulsary neither



Translator & Interpreter at Give Something Back Berlin

  • Volunteered, as interpreter, to help a psychologist during her meetings with Arabic speaking refugees to facilitate the communication in addition to translating letters, messages and publications for the organization
  • Participated in supporting people in their difficult time DeliveredmessagesasaninterpreterortranslatorbetweenEnglishand Arabic language or vice versa
    Kept all the information confidential
  • Participated in the collaboration between GSBTB and Eed Be Eed magazine, translating almost ten articles including the translation of For One Who is Exhausted, a poetry by John O ́Donohue.
  • Wrote an article in Both Arabic and English called: I love my son Differently Link: https://gsbtb.org/magazine/mental-health-with-eed-be-eed/

Interpreter at Migration Hub Network, Berlin

  • Interpreter for Me4Change program and workshops between English and Arabic and vice versa.
  • Interpreter during an interview with a Syrian refugee who is a football coach in Berlin. Subite Al Chunche, a TV channel from Costa Rica did the interview in collaboration with Migration Hub.
  • You can find the link to the Interview here:

https://www.facebook.com/ SubiteAlChunche/videos/1809973195728032/

Yoga teacher

Practicing Yoga has accompanied my translation and interpreting activities since the beginning. Without it I would have physical problems due to long hours working at my laptop and psychological issues due to dealing with hard tragedies through my humanitarian work. At certain point, I decided to become a teacher so I can teach people how to take care of their themselves through Yoga as it helps me. After two yoga-teacher trainings, two retreats in India and daily practice, I am now a passionate yoga teacher and always eager to transmit the way of well-being and mindfulness physically, spiritually and mentally to my students.  

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